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Crypto as a currency

GM Staff Writer

Published: 4 March, 2024

Crypto is pumping. The markets are green - the fear and greed index is fixed firmly over ‘greed’ -  but that’s a good thing, right? It means we’re all going to make it?

The industry is certainly experiencing some much needed upswing. The crypto market-cap is over $2 Trillion USD at the time of writing, and more people than ever are now cryptocurrency holders - 580 million worldwide, a huge increase in the last couple of years, in what was a long and chastening bear market period.

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But what does this mean for crypto? As the increase in holders suggests, more and more people are recognising the power and benefits of decentralised currencies. Whether as an investment vehicle or as transactional currency, crypto gives you control over your own finances. 

Crypto has many use cases that will become prevalent as the industry develops and holdership grows, and one way to realise market-stability and mainstream-adoption is the ability to use crypto as genuine currency - namely, to shop with it, spend with it, buy and sell with it, all in a safe and secure decentralised environment, transacted on the blockchain. 

Being able to shop with crypto means you don’t have to convert crypto to fiat. The coins you hold in your wallet have value just as they are. Buying everyday items using cryptocurrencies gives the industry a real-world, tangible use-case that will attract more people into the ecosystem, with more businesses becoming crypto-friendly because their consumers are.

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At GM.co, we recognise the importance of crypto being genuine currency - to buy and sell with crypto for the things you want and the things you need. Buy sneakers with crypto, buy watches with crypto, buy gift cards with crypto. Soon, it will be commonplace to buy your groceries with crypto, pay your bills with crypto, everyday transactions powered by cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

Crypto is the evolution of commerce. 

GM.co is at the heart of blockchain powered e-commerce, providing you with what you need, straight from your wallet, delivered straight to your door.